Handle Pack

Handle Pack Machine

Tray Sealing Machine

Tray Sealing Machine

Thermoforming Machine

 Thermoforming Machine

Shrink Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine

Sorting and Grading Machine

Calibfruit, an electronic weighing machine very gentle with fruits. The machine take few place. From 5 to 16 outputs, on up to 3 sides. Direct output or in brushes, on table or rotary. Computer management.

Multipack Machine

PAKER company benefits a strong experience in carton Multipack machines and complete end of line solutions.

Case Packer

Case packer for all types of dairy products or foods.

Lidding Machine

Lidding machine with gluing of 2 or 4 corners.

Tray Former Machine

Machine for shaping and bonding all types of paperboard or corrugated compact.

Our Partners

Calibreuse Fachaux / Sorting Machine
Henkel / Industrial Adhesif
Meca-Pac / Tray Former Machine
Paker / Multipack

Emballage-Packaging.com presents companies around the world working in the field of packaging machines with such as: Tray Former, Multipack, Thermoforming, Case Packer, Lidding Machine, Flow-Pack, Stacker, Palletizer, Cartoning Machine, etc ...


The 15 most clicked companies

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Meca-Pac Canada Privilege member

Founded in 2002, Meca-Pac Canada is now recognized as one of the leaders of tray former machine and case packer in Quebec with more than 100 machines in operation and almost 120 million cartons formed and pasted per year.

Tray former, case packer, lidding machine, stacker, end of line, tray erector, case former, case erector
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Arbor Technologies

For more than 20 years Arbor Technologies has been a provider of equipment and solutions for the food processing industry

Industrial washing conveyor, lift conveyor, separator for products, working lines, material handling, palletizing
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Jacopack + Member

We are manufacturer of cup filling sealing machines, bottling machines and complete bottling lines, form fill seal thermoforming machines

Cup filling sealing machines, bottling machines, thermoforming form fill seal machines, rotary cup filling sealing

PDC Europe + Member

PDC designs, builds and installs a large range of shrink and stretch sleeve applicators. We also manufacture shrink tunnels. 28 years experience and 2 production sites.

Shrink sleeving, shrink tunnels, stretch sleeving
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Carpentier Packaging GmbH

We are constantly looking to improve our products in order to maximize machine availability and productivity while minimizing maintenance cost and total cost of ownership

Case erector, carton sealers, cartoners, traypacker, top load systems, sorting machines, foaming machine

Atecmaa Packaging + Member

ATECMAA PACKAGING - French manufacturer has been designing stretch wrapping machines for 35 years. It influenced the evolution of the industrial approach, introducing in machines the answer to the requirements of safety, ergonomics and improved producty

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping, micro-automatic stretch wrapping, max automatic stretch wrapping
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Tramper Technology B.V + Member

Tramper Technology is your reliable partner for the design and production of machines up to and including complete projects in the food processing and packaging sector : denesters, traysealers, lidding, filling and distributing, weighing etc...

Traysealing, denesting, lidding, filling and distributing, weighing, conveyor systems, turn key projects
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Ermatec + Member

Specialized in ultrasonic cutting, on cheese, pastry or meat industry, Ermatec offers industrial cutting solutions from standard compact machine to full automatized line.

Ultrasonic cutting, chesse cutting, bakery cutting, meat cutting, fixed weight cutting
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Ipeka Automation Oy + Member

Ipeka has been designing and manufacturing state of the art bakery equipment for 35 years. Though we export worldwide, each and every Ipeka machine is designed, manufactured and built in Finland.

Automatic bread packaging machine, bread packaging machine, paper bagging machine, industrial bread slicer
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CMC Impianti Srl

Conveying and handling systems for the food bottling and packaging industries

Conveyors, conveying equipment
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Zevathener + Member

Producer of bag-in-box, pouches and bag-in-box fillers. Packaging from 1.5L to 1000 Liters. Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic lines including box erector, hot melt box closer and automatic bag loading station.

Bag in box and filling machines
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Calibreuses Fachaux ++ Member

For already more than 50 years, we have manufactured and sold machines for the fruit-growing industry. Located in the middle of a prestigious producing apple area, the Fachaux company quickly forged the reputation of a serious company to the listening of the needs for its customers.

Electronic grader, cherry cluster separator, mechanical grader, ancillary equipment, machine by fruit

Ixapack Packaging Machines + Member

Ixapack, follows all your projects of automation through different activities

Cutting machine, pick and place, tray sealer, case packer, tray former, box weigher, case elevator, cartoner sleever
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Raytec Vision S.p.a

Raytec Vision as a unique partner is able to propose a wide range of custom-made solutions in quality control.

Sorting machines, X-ray and microwave inspecting machines, dry fruit sorting

* Since the company's registration.


Tray Former, case packer, multipack, hot-melt adhesive and more in Italy, Germany, France, etc.